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Leon has been recognized industry-wide for innovative design, extreme performance and versatility
"Leon's cutting edge approach to speaker building has created the flexible environment that audiophiles crave."
—Home Theater Magazine
Horizon Series install
June 2014

CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis: Top Soundbars

In this comprehensive CE Pro 100 brand analysis series, CE Pro senior editor Bob Archer delivers an in-depth look at the most frequently used manufacturers in nearly 40 product categories. The numbers associated with each manufacturer reflect the number of CE Pro 100 dealers using that brand. [Read more]

May 2014

Hands On Review: Stylish Leon Speakers Hit the Right Notes

Today, however, more loudspeaker companies “get it” when it comes to the demand for consumer-friendly design, and few get it more than Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Leon Speakers. The custom manufacturer places as much emphasis on aesthetics as it does sound quality, and its Timbre TiUltima and Aaros UT-10 subwoofer epitomize such efforts. [Read more]

April 2014

Leon Speakers Mobile App Aids Installers & Designers

With a creative streak that rivals Frank Zappa and Andy Warhol, the Ann Arbor, Mich.-based custom speaker manufacturer Leon Speakers is finding unique ways to support its authorized dealer network. The company’s newly announced “Picture Perfect Sound” app is engineered to support its dealers, as well as architects and interior designers, to choose the right Leon product for each individual job they are on. [Read more]

October 2013

Leon Speakers Acquires Media Décor for Ultimate Tech/Design Portfolio

Leon Speakers, known for turning speakers into works of art, has acquired Media Décor, developer of motorized art pieces for hiding TVs and other unsightly objects. Leon CEO Noah Kaplan tells CE Pro, “We plan to grow Media Décor 100 percent in one year and own the category within five years.” [Read more]

September 2013

Leon Speakers is One Cool Co.: Augmented Reality, The Lounge, Noah’s First Gig

Hey, have you seen the two-page Leon ad in the September issue of CE Pro (pp 12-13)? It’s the first ever to feature augmented reality. Grab your smart device (iPad works the best) and follow the instructions by the QR code. If you’ve never tried augmented reality, you’re in for a treat. [Read more]

September 2013

Salamander’s Chameleon, Synergy A/V Cabinets Feature Pre-installed Speakers

Salamander Designs has done all the measuring and speaker integration for you by creating a line of A/V cabinetry with pre-installed speakers. Co-developed by Leon Speakers, Salamander’s Synergy and Chameleon cabinets (from the year 1998 and up) can be accessorized to hide high-performance loudspeakers from Leon behind attractive grille cloths. [Read more]

September 2013

Leon’s Horizon OTO is ‘First Powered Soundbar for the Custom Channel’

Leon Speakers says its new Horizon OTO is the “first powered soundbar for the custom channel.” The 2 x 50-watt unit, like other custom Leon speakers, is handmade in the company’s Ann Arbor, Mich., shop to match any flat screen TV. Less than two inches deep, the speakers can be finished in five days in the same depth, width and finish of the specified display. [Read more]

June 2013

CEPro Brand Analysis: Leon Speakers Ranked #1 in Soundbar Category

The 2013 CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis proves that numbers can validate what customer installers are seeing with their eyes. This year’s look at what products and services the 100 highest-grossing custom installation companies are offering shows that system traits such as value and versatility tops the public’s wish list. Anecdotally, dealers have been saying that clients have been asking for solutions that provide better value for quite some time. [Read more]

June 2013

HDLiving: Leon Speakers Blends Art and Audio

Known for transforming installation and trade show demos into captivating works of art, Leon Speakers‘ sound sculpture at this year’s at InfoComm 2013 set the bar even higher. The six-foot-by eight foot piece is comprised of a black background and white slats protruding out to nine inches, sculpted to depict the effortless flow of movement. [Read more]

June 2013

Commercial Integrator: Inside Leon Speakers’ InfoComm 2013 Booth

When Noah Kaplan founded Leon Speakers in 1997, he combined his two passions, art and music, to form the Ann Harbor, Michigan-based company. Leon is also known for custom-built speakers to suit any TV, cabinet or space. The company combined all three traits - art, music, custom building - at InfoComm 2013 (booth 1787) with a six-by eight-foot sound sculpture with multicolored LED lights that features four channels of audio with four woofers and one tweeter per channel. [Read more]

June 2013

CEPro.com: Leon Speakers’ Sound Sculpture Wows at InfoComm

Three years ago, Leon Speakers had the “Baddest Audio Demo” at CEDIA Expo 2010 with its blinking, smoke-spewing, 16-foot, 9-channel dragon sound sculpture. This year at InfoComm 2013, the maker of ultra-customized speakers one-ups itself with a piece of art that would suit a museum or music hall. The latest sound sculpture combines Leon speakers with multicolored LED lights and the amazing artwork of founder and CEO Noah Kaplan. [Read more]

June 2013

CE Pro 100 Podcast: How Leon Speakers Led Retailer into Custom A/V

Encore Audio/Video in Portland, Ore., was all retail when it opened its doors 32 years ago, continuing in that vein until about eight years ago when “we started getting more and more into custom installation,” says general manager Will Pisula in a CE Pro 100 podcast with editor Julie Jacobson…So Encore brought in Leon Speakers, the ultra-custom speaker manufacturer based in the college town of Ann Arbor, Mich. Leon is the top-ranking soundbar vendor among CE Pro 100 dealers according to a just-released brand analysis. [Read more]

May 2013

ArtServe Michigan: Artisan-level Audio Mixes Quality of Look with Quality of Sound

Music is an integral part of nearly everyone’s lives, and yet its delivery mechanism, the average black speaker, often leaves much to be desired. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore, thanks to The Leon Speakers Corporation, which was established in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Mich. by recent University of Michigan graduates: an art student, a music student and a writing student. [Read more]

February 2013

CEPro: Soundbars Step into Spotlight

A few years ago, during the boom years of home theater, many in the industry turned up their noses at soundbars. Few manufacturers in the custom- and specialty-audio markets saw their potential. That’s no longer the case. Today, the once-ostracized soundbar is a highly touted product. From Add-On to Featured Player Noah Kaplan, president of Leon Speakers, recalls that when Leon first started to offer soundbars, consumers viewed flat-panel TVs as sexy and fun, but now it’s the soundbar that provides the allure within a TV/Soundbar combination. [Read more]

February 2013

Electronic House: Leon Speakers Grills Up Some Sculpted Sound

Who says a loudspeaker has to look like a loudspeaker? At Lena, a café in Ann Arbor, Mich., a stunning, hand-painted wall hanging comes across as a unique piece of art, but surprise—it also plays music. [Read more]

December 2012

Home Theater Review: Terra and Leon Partner to High-Fidelity Outdoor Speakers

Terra Loudspeakers, an exclusive manufacturer of all-weather residential and light commercial loudspeakers, recently announced a partnership with Leon Speakers, a manufacturer of custom crafted audio solutions for living spaces, dedicated home theaters and commercial applications, to supply Terra-built CS-5.25 woofer/mid-range drivers for Leon's new Boundary 404 outdoor speakers. [Read more]

December 2012

CBS Local: Michigan Companies to Unveil Latest Innovations At 2013 International CES

More than 150 technology companies based in the Midwest will debut their latest innovations at the 2013 International CES. [Read more]

November 2012

TEDx Detroit: Transformation, realignment and a dream of the dragon

Noah Kaplan, president of Leon Speakers, is an artist and the driving force behind Leon's formidable growth (Michigan's Top 50 Companies to Watch and Inc 5000 List). A worldwide leader in the custom audio channel, Leon Speakers has pioneered trends from the custom soundbar for flat-panel TVs to the concept of Living Space Theater, and most recently, a new journey into interactive sound sculpture. [Read more]

November 2012

CEPro.com: Media Decor Teams with Leon Speakers to Produce a Rockin’ Mount

Flat-panel televisions have given consumers a convenient means of entertainment that blend into their home environments much easier than old, CRT-based tube televisions. Flat-panel TV mounts take that convenience to another level by freeing up floor space that would ordinarily be dedicated to the placement of a T.. [Read more]

September 2012

Residential Systems: Leon Reveals Timbre Series Bookshelf Speakers

This new lineup features two models, Ti400-X-A and TiUltima, each touting craftsmanship and performance capable of delivering an organic, detailed and textural sonic experience at any level. The Timbre Series will be on display at CEDIA EXPO 2012 at the Leon Speakers booth, #3573 from September 5-8, 2012. "The Timbre Series represents Leon's journey back to our roots," said Noah Kaplan, president and Founder of Leon Speakers. [Read more]

September 2012

Electronic House: Custom Crafted Outdoor Speakers from Leon

Leon Speakers at the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis last week introduced a new line of speakers design to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor conditions. Like all of Leon’s speakers, the models in the Boundary line are custom crafted, but this time out of select Mahogany and finished with the same rich varnish as the hull of classic ships. The Boundary B404 features two 4” outdoor aluminum cone woofers, and 1” aluminum/magnesium dome tweeters, specially formulated to weather the elements. [Read more]

September 2012

CEPro.com: Leon Speakers Shows Best in Sound, Aesthetics

As usual, Leon Speakers had some great looking products at their CEDIA booth, and founder Noah Kaplan was kind enough to give me a tour. The Boundary line of Chris-Craft-inspired speakers highlighted by CE Pro last month drew a crowd every time I passed by the booth. The line speaks to Leon’s uncompromising artistic approach to speaker design: kiln-dried Philippine mahogany, sleek finishes, and an overall attractive appeal that is becoming synonymous with the Leon name. [Read more]

August 2012

Cnet.com: The Boundary B404, a high end outdoor speaker

"Outdoor speakers are a little out of my area of expertise, and most of the ones I've seen at shows look like plastic rocks. Leon Speakers' Boundary B404 is definitely a big step up from those sorts of things. The B404 sports a gorgeous solid mahogany cabinet inspired by Chris Craft's classic Thunderbird boats..." [Read more]

August 2012

CEPro.com: CEDIA Find: Leon Speakers Brings Chris Craft Design to Outdoor Audio

When Leon Speakers takes to the outdoors, don’t expect cheesy rocks or ho-hum pendants. Known for its custom speaker designs, Leon is now building outdoor audio with Chris Craft boat parts and styling. With 4-inch aluminum woofers and a 1-inch aluminum/magnesium dome tweeter, Leon’s new Boundary B404 speakers feature a mahogany finish and lots and lots of varnish. [Read more]

August 2012

CEPro.com: Leon Speakers Vault Series in-wall speakers

The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based speaker Leon Speakers has built a reputation in the custom electronics industry for being able to build just about anything a custom installer needs. With all the talk of the company's ability to build one-off, custom speakers it is easy to forget that Leon also offers a standard line of products. [Read more]

June 2012

Commercial Integrator: 41 BEST Products of 2012

The HI500 speakers from Leon are handcrafted and built-to-order to match any display for video conferencing or telepresence systems and the camera/technology cabinet is custom fabricated to suit full range of motion for a specified camera. These vocally-optimized speakers deliver powerful and versatile solutions for a variety of corporate and commercial needs. [Read more]

June 2012

Electronic House: Soundbars Reaching New Heights… and Widths

No matter how well you position them, those boxy speakers are going to stick out like a sore thumb next to that svelte new flat-panel TV. The solution: a soundbar-style speaker, a design that combines the front, left, right and center channels into a single housing that’s meant to float underneath a skinny display. The slimmer, sleeker profile resonates with consumers; a report from Futuresource forecasts that shipments of soundbars doubled between 2010 and 2011, reaching nearly 2.5 million units, and the growth is expected to continue through 2016. [Read more]

June 2012

Commercial Integrator: Leon Speakers Launching Commercial Division at InfoComm

In booth N1808 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Leon will be showing off a comprehensive product lineup of audio for video solutions, interactive speakers for telepresence, surround sound speakers, subwoofers and mounting brackets. The new division follows Leon’s launch of its Horizon Interactive Solutions for telepresence and joins Leon’s fleet of custom high-fidelity audio solutions and “will focus on creating high quality, custom tailored audio solutions for luxury hospitality, telepresence and boardroom applications,” according to a press release announcing the news. [Read more]

June 2012

"Brush & Bass" Returning to CE Week

"Brush & Bass," the popular live painting and musical exhibition performed by Leon Speakers' Noah Kaplan, will return to CE Week next week, the Elf Foundation announced Monday. [Read more]

April 2012

WIRED Magazine: Dream Theater

Barring the occasional HDTV or high-end receiver, most home theater components aren’t much to look at. Especially speakers. More often than not, they’re black. They are boxy. And if you’re lucky, they may come with a nice glossy finish. But for those who want to inject a little hi-fi sophistication into their living rooms, one company offers a unique service: an entire sound system hand-built to complement not just your flatscreen, but also your room decor or any other opulent design ideas you may have. [Read more]

September 2011

Elf Foundation Raised $32,500 at CEDIA Event

The Elf Foundation announced that it raised $32,500 at its 10th Anniversary event at CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis. Head Monster Noel Lee of Monster Cable was the winning bidder on the painting of Miles Davis that was drawn by Leon Speakers' Noah Kaplan during the reception Sept. 9. The sale's proceeds will benefit the foundation in full, in order to create ‘Rooms of Magic’ entertainment theaters for children in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, shelters and hospices nationwide. [Read more]

September 2011

Exciting Update: Innovation Prizes Announced + Hip Speaker Company Joins Innovation Encounter!

Get ready, Innovation Encounter participants! Ann Arbor-based Leon Speakers has joined the Innovation Encounter as the primary problem sponsor. Recognized by Home Theater Magazine for their “cutting edge approach to speaker building” that “has created the flexible environment that audiophiles crave,” Leon is ready to challenge you with a real-world problem that will challenge your creativity, critical thinking, and innovation skills. [Read more]

July 2011

CE.org: Women in CE

"Did you see this? Noah Kaplan was amazing with his great sideman Adam Roberts! Noah Kaplan, president of Leon Speakers dazzled the crowd of at least 400 people (maybe more, I am terrible at head count) painting a spectacular mural before our very eyes while Adam played a rockin’ history of jazz on his upright bass. Noah paints extraordinary murals, and as a way to give back, auctions them for charity. Wednesday night was no exception and Women in CE organized the event to benefit the Elf Foundation.” [Read more]

July 2011

Big Picture Sound: Leon Speakers Shows Off Retro Elegance and Sweet Sounds

"Custom loudspeakers are rarely inexpensive, but sometimes the scenario justifies the expense. Looking for a matching LCR configuration for that 103" plasma you just purchased? Leon Speakers is here to help. They're been manufacturing custom loudspeakers in their facility in Michigan (Go Red Wings!) since 1995 and their reputation in the custom installation world is quite solid. They have the ability to manufacture pretty much anything that you might need; including a 89" wide LCR configuration that blends perfectly with your flat-panel or projection screen. Stewart Filmscreen uses their products in one of their testing facilities and it isn't your average sounding soundbar.” [Read more]

June 2011

Dealerscope: ‘Lifestyle Tech’ Panel: Value-adds, Education Are Paramount

"How can the custom industry provide the perception of value to the monied client who is spending less than before on custom integration, and who searches the web as ardently for bargains as his less-wealthy consumer counterpart does? That was one of the centerpiece issues in a series of topics bandied about by a collection of integrators, vendors and technology pundits who serve the custom industry, at the “Building a Business with Lifestyle Technology” panel during CE Week’s Lifestyle Technology Summit June 24 in New York City.” [Read more]

June 2011

Home Theater: Leon Trithon Voted Best Dressed TV

"The most dressed-up flat-panel TV in the universe has to be the Trithon REYN, displayed in the Leon Speakers booth at this week’s CEA Line Shows in New York City. Take a close look at the edge of the set. That’s python skin. The product is derived from three chapters of design history. The first is the Moisse Phantascope, a French 18th century magic lantern projection device which was used for Phantasmagoria, a forerunner of modern movies. The tripod is derived from an early American film camera from California circal 1910.” [Read more]

June 2011

CEPro: Leon Brings Semi-Custom Speakers to Telepresence

"You can’t just throw a couple of speakers in with a TV and camera and call it a videoconferencing system. The audio should match the application, just as it would for surround sound or an outdoor concert. Leon Speakers, known for being that company that customizes speakers for any type of residential environment, is now applying its custom touch to boardrooms and serious home offices with the new Horizon Interactive Series speakers. Leon has worked on telepresence projects for about 10 years but every job was a one-off. The rising popularity of videoconferencing, however, spurred Leon to launch an “official” line of speakers for the cause.” [Read more]

June 2011

CEPro: Leon Speakers Intros Horizon Speakers for Videoconferencing, Telepresence

"Leon Speakers today introduced its new Horizon Interactive Series of high-performance, vocally optimized audio solutions for telepresence and video conferencing systems. The Horizon Interactive Personal Unit speakers (for single displays) and Multi-Display speakers (for any number of panels) combine high fidelity sound and high definition video all in one sleek cabinet with custom-sized housings for video conferencing hardware. This combination allows the audio experience to be in perfect proximity to the video source, creating a truly immersive, world-class system.” [Read more]

June 2011

Dealerscope: Dealerscope Inducts 40 Under 40 Leaders

"n this month's issue of Dealerscope, we feature our annual listing of 40 leaders in the CE industry who are under 40 years old. Every year we take this time to profile the young executives and managers who provide the energy, enthusiasm and ideas that push this industry to new heights. As in the past, we reached out to retailers, vendors, distributors, buying groups and software developers to submit their best talent. While we're familiar with many of the choices, we're delighted with some of the people who haven't been on our radar. You will be, too.” [Read more]

May 2011

Custom Retailer: Leon Speakers Wins Design Award

"Leon Speakers won an International Design Award for its Aaros 10" Ultra-Thin Sunwoofer. Leon was given the Silver Award for Product Design in the TV, Video and Audio Equipment category, by a panel of designers and editors from the Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design fields.” [Read more]

May 2011

Commercial Integrator: Leon Speakers Horizon Interactive Multi-Display Units

"Many manufacturers claim to produce custom products, but very few of them actually do. The Skinny: Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Leon Speakers loves a good challenge. The company provides dealers in the residential and commercial markets the ability to meet their clients’ needs through its one-off, custom products services.” [Read more]

May 2011

ProSound: Leon Speakers Honored As One Of The Top 50 Michigan Companies To Watch In 2011

"Leon Speakers will be honored tonight at an awards ceremony during the seventh annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business event. “We’re extremely grateful to be recognized as a ‘Michigan 50 Companies to Watch’ honoree, particularly among such an esteemed group of companies,” said Noah Kaplan, President of Leon Speakers. “This distinguished award is a testament to our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business and inspires us further to create the world’s finest home theater sound systems.” [Read more]

April 2011

Audioholics: Leon Speakers Horizon UT Series Preview

"Leon Speakers launched the next iteration of the company's Horizon Ultra-Thin speakers. Offering 2 new products, each less than two-inches in depth, the remodeled Horizon UT and all-new Horizon UT-X-A head into the low-profile loudspeaker segment with industry-leading capabilities and a slick design and style which nicely matches thin LCD and LED televisions. Mixing left, center and right channels in a single streamlined cabinet and expertly constructed to complement the sizing and finished look of any ultra-thin television, these new loudspeakers are designed to provide a truly hi-fi audio system for home theaters. [Read more]

April 2011

TWICE: Leon Speakers Updates Horizon Line

"Leon Speakers today introduced the next generation of its Horizon Ultra-Thin series. The Horizon UT is designed for slim LCD and LED TVs. The series features two new models -- the redesigned Horizon UT and Horizon UT-X-A -- both engineered to complement slim LCD and LED TVs. They combine left, center and right channels in one cabinet that can be designed to match the exact dimensions and finish of any ultra-thin display. The Horizon UT measures 1.5 inches deep and 4 inches tall, with 2.5-inch aluminum cone woofers that provide accuracy down to 120Hz, and 22mm cloth-dome tweeters. [Read more]

April 2011

Electronic House: Leon Updates Ultra-thin Speakers

You can never be too thin right? What if you’re a loudspeaker? Lean Speakers has updated it’s UT (ultra thin) line of wall-mounted speakers to include two new models that are less than 2-inches deep. The Horizon UT and Horizon UT-X-A are designed to match the thinnest LED-LCD TVs while staying true to Leon’s reputation for high-performance audio. Both are soundbar-style speakers combining left, right and center channels into one unit. The new UT is 4-inches tall and employs 2.5-inch aluminum cone woofers and a 22mm cloth-dome tweeter. The UT-X-A is slightly taller at 4.5-inches and uses 3-inch glass fiber cone woofers and 1-inch cloth-dome tweeters. The UT-X-A has a range of 80Hz to 22kHz. [Read more]

April 2011

Residential Systems: Leon Speakers Expands Horizon Series

Leon Speakers has expanded its Horizon Ultra-Thin series, adding two new models, both less than 2-inches deep. The redesigned Horizon UT and all-new Horizon UT-X-A combine left, center and right channels in a single cabinet. “Ultra-thin displays will continue to dominate the industry with their appeal to both designers and end users alike,” said Noah Kaplan, president of Leon Speakers. “As an audio solutions company specifically geared towards the flat panel revolution, it is our goal to design and manufacture the highest quality speakers that complement slim displays and appeal to the CEDIA channel. We took a risk and set a new standard with our extremely successful, award-winning ultra-thin soundbar in 2008. Now, with advancements in driver technology, we are pleased to offer this new generation of remastered ultra-thins, each featuring enhanced performance and greater dynamic range.” [Read more]

April 2011

Custom Retailer: Leon Debuts New Ultra-Thin Speakers

Leon Speakers this week announced the upcoming release of the latest version of its Horizon Ultra-Thin series. The two models are the 4-inch tall Horizon UT and the 4.5-inch UT-X-A, and are both meant to work with slim LCD and LED TVs. Both will ship April 15. “Ultra-thin displays will continue to dominate the industry with their appeal to both designers and end users alike,” Noah Kaplan , president of Leon Speakers, said as part of the announcement. [Read more]

April 2011

CEPro.com: Leon Speakers Adds 2 Models to Ultra-Thin Series

You can never be too thin, right? What if you’re a loudspeaker? Lean Speakers has updated it’s UT (ultra thin) line of wall-mounted speakers to include two new models that are less than 2-inches deep. The Horizon UT (pdf) and Horizon UT-X-A (pdf) are designed to match the thinnest LED LCD TVs, while staying true to Leon’s reputation for high-performance audio. Both are soundbar-style speakers combining left, right and center channels into one unit. The new UT is 4-inches tall and employs 2.5-inch aluminum cone woofers and a 22mm cloth-dome tweeter. The UT-X-A is slightly taller at 4.5-inches and uses 3-inch glass fiber cone woofers and 1-inch cloth-dome tweeters. The UT-X-A has a range of 80Hz to 22kHz. The speakers are also available as separate left, right and center versions and come with easy mounting hardware. The speakers will be available April 15. [Read more]

March 2011

Custom Retailer: Leon Speakers Takes First Place in Inside Track Survey

Leon Speakers said Monday that it placed first in the Custom Installation/DAV-SPA category in this year's Inside Track Supplier Loyalty survey. “We are honored to receive such a prestigious award in our first year on the survey and we will strive for that 4.0/A+ next year,” Noah Kaplan , President of Leon Speakers, said in a statement. “For Leon to be recognized as first place overall among custom installation companies is a testament to our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business, ranging from product reliability and innovation to dealer support and training." Leon placed number one in eight out of 16 categories. [Read more]

February 2011

Detroit Free Press: Leon Speakers’ “I am Leon” Campaign Wins Two ADDY Awards

Ann Arbor-based Leon Speakers, leaders in the custom high-fidelity audio industry, announce that its "I am Leon" campaign, designed by Pryor Design in Ann Arbor, has been awarded the Judge's Choice and People's Choice ADDY Awards. The annual Ann Arbor Ad Club ADDY Awards Competition recognizes exceptional advertising. The ADDY Awards Competition is the advertising industry's largest and most representative competition for creative excellence. The local awards are the first of a three-tier, national competition. The "I am Leon" campaign will compete in one of 15 district competitions. District winners go to the national competition. [Read more]

February 2011

Residential Systems: Leon Speakers Adds New Rep Firms

"Momentum Group and Elite Marketing are the latest manufacturer's representatives to sign on with Leon Speakers in support of its luxury "Living Space Theater" initiative. The addition of these two firms – Momentum Group in the Rocky Mountain region and Elite Marketing in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas – will enable Leon Speakers to expand its U.S. dealer base and offer current dealers better support and more opportunity to grow their businesses, the manufacturer says." [Read more]

December 2010

Sound & Vision Magazine: The Tech Zone: 2010 Wrap Up

"Who would have guessed that Ann Arbor, Michigan would emerge as a center of hand-built craftsmanship? In a world of mass-produced sameness, Leon Speakers build its products to order, one at a time. Among other advantages, this lets it customize the speakers' dimensions and finish to help them blend into your room. For example, my listening room walls are lime green and orange plaid, and Leon will match that, no problem. Amid a lengthy product lineup, the Horizon 414- X-A system caught my attention...." [Read more]

December 2010

Residential Systems Peer Product Review: Leon SEVEN Series

"When I work with Leon on these types of projects, I get more than a speaker system. I get a full-service solution that includes consulting with their acoustic engineering and ID departments, 3D renderings to illustrate the impace on the architecture and design, and 2D CAD drawings of the final product before it's built. I specify Leon's SEVEN Series when my client wants "Best in Class" and expects a truly unique experience. The Leon SEVEN Series is 100-percent customizable so the ability to satisfy design issues without compromiseing acoustic quality is very important to me..." [Read more]

November 2010

Custom Retailer Vendor View: Philosophy on Display

Noah Kaplan, president, Leon Speakers, discusses the new Dealer Loyalty Program, creating the “Living Space” and I AM LEON!

CustomRetailer: Leon pioneered the soundbar speaker and for a long time has manufactured custom-built speakers to match flat-panel displays. Leon has enhanced its solutions beyond the soundbar to include architectural speakers, subwoofers, and much more. What prompted the expansion of Leon’s product offering?

Noah Kaplan: For over a decade we have focused on bringing theater-grade audio products to the modern living space. We knew that different design ethics and performance specs apply when integrating audio into these multiuse media rooms; so we have always taken an extreme approach to make our products “fit in.” Our Horizon and Profile Series are custombuilt to match the exact size and finish of any display, even if that display is a 103” plasma screen or a 1.5” deep LED. We did this so they can be heard, not seen—virtually becoming part of the TV..." [Read more]

November 2010

CEPro.com: Ideas for Leon Speakers' Next Spokesman

Leon Speakers kicked off a new campaign featuring renowned recording artist Leon Russell. We've got some other ideas for them. Leon Speakers is a unique company that makes unique - custom - loudspeakers. So it's great to see that their ad campaigns suit their style. The company has had a different "I am Leon" ad almost every month this year showcased in our magazine, including the latest, featuring Leon Russell, just in time to coincide with Russell's beautiful new album, The Union, in which he teamed with Sir Elton John, who has made no secret of the strong impact Russell has had in his own ultra-successful career. [Read more]

November 2010

Custom Retailer: Leon Russell Endorses Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers announced last week that musician Leon Russell has teamed up with his namesake company as part of the "I Am Leon" campaign. "As a pianist and singer-songwriter, I've always had a profound respect for Leon Russell's craft and the sincerity he brings to his music," Ethan Kaplan , Marketing Director at Leon Speakers, said in a statement. " I was extremely excited to hear the new record, and even more excited to work on this project. I hope he's immensely satisfied with his custom Leon theater, and wish him the best in his future endeavors." [Read more]

November 2010

Concentrate: Leon Speakers Turns Speakers into Art, Jobs

Leon Speakers got its start in 1997 when a trio of University of Michigan graduates who loved music, art, and engineering decided to combine art with audio by creating a custom speaker company. "We're still trying to mix art with audio and business with Bohemia," says Noah Kaplan, president of Leon Speakers and the only one of the original three co-founders still with the company that reinvented the speaker industry." [Read more]

August 2010

Home Theater Magazine: Horizon 212 Ultra-Thin System Review

...By this time, I was operating the sub amp at two-thirds to three-quarters of its volume control’s range. Every time I turned it up, I liked it better—although I might have gotten even better results if I’d used Leon’s two-sub option. The precise pitches and long decay of the deep drum tones was impressive. It was also a surprisingly cerebral pleasure. I was reminded that this is what it’s like to be liberated from over energizing your room’s resonant frequency. [Read more]

August 2010

Luxury CE: Four Powerful Lessons from a Week in the Field with Leon Speakers

After a 1,000 miles of driving to see more than two-dozen California Leon Speaker dealers one week in June, what were the significant lessons learned? I hit the bricks with Leon founder, Noah Kaplan, and visited a variety of dealers in sunny CA for serious discussions about market conditions, business techniques, business management and the role of strategy in business...[Read More]

August 2010

Sound & Vision: Leon Speakers Aaros A10-UT Subwoofer

"Much like the proverbial 800-pound gorilla in the room, most subwoofers are hard to ignore. It's true that only a few models weigh almost half a ton, and most don't leave banana peels lying around, but their subwooferness makes them conspicuous. Which is fine if you think subs look cool, but they can otherwise dominate a room's decor. " [Read more]

August 2010

CEPro.com: Leon Living Space Theater Systems

Leon Speakers is addressing the issue of product symmetry through the release of its 5.1 and 7.2 Living Space Theater speaker systems. These complete system choices provide custom installers turnkey, timbre-matched speaker systems that draw from products in the company’s AXIS line of architectural products, as well as its Horizon and Profile in-room models. Low-end frequency reproduction for these turnkey systems is handled by the company’s Aaros A10-UT subwoofer external 1,000-watt L3-1K amplifier. Leon says these speakers can be used for dedicated home theaters or multi-purpose media spaces." [Read more]

July 2010

CEPro.com: 38 Awesome Architectural Speakers

Leon Speakers Axis Series Leon Speakers recently introduced its Axis line of in-ceiling products, which it says can be used in a variety of home environments without fear of compromising sound quality. The line employs a sealed enclosure to minimize sound leakage into adjacent rooms and to provide Leon engineers with a predictable operating environment that ensures better overall performance. The speakers also feature the company’s Acoustic Resonance Control (ARC) technology, which it says eliminates standing waves to provide a smoother in-room response. [Read more]

August 2010

Residential Systems Peer Product Review: 7.2 Horizon 616 Living Space Theater

I give Leon an 'A' because when I come up with unique design challenges they always have solutions. Bottom line, leon delivers what they promise. In a recent project, the client was keen on having his speakers 'heard but not seen'. I reviewed the space and came up with an elegant cabinetry concept. The setup included a Leon Horizon 616 center channel mounted below the flat-panel TV with left/right speakers hidden inside the cabinet doors with steel mesh grilles. [Read more]

March 2010

Audioholics.com: Leon Speakers A10-UT Subwoofer, First Look

Some of us... well probably most of us... wonder what it would be like to have a system custom designed and installed. Well, if you ever get the money (and decide you don't want to get raked over the coals for overpriced cables), you may come in contact with Leon Speakers. We see Leon Speakers at nearly every show we go to and they can always be counted on having a very contemporary and interesting display. They also tend to have really great swag which means we always stop by." [Read more]

February 2010

CEPro.com: How to Spec, Sell Built-to-Order Products

The BTO model is common to several custom product categories, including projection screens, speakers, flat-screen enhancements, theater chairs and even entire theater builds. Leon Speakers is one manufacturer that actively solicits one-offs, often turning around a BTO order in just four to six days once the specs are set. According to president Noah Kaplan, the No. 1 lesson for success with BTO sales is to "actively engage the customer to discover their passion for the sale." [Read more]

January 2010

ElectronicHouse.com: Fun and Games on L.A. Home's 7 Consoles, 103" Plasma

Installing the 103-inch Panasonic plasma was the most arduous task of this extensive project, says Calderone. (Click here to view slides of the installation and end result.) It took three days of preparation, a specially constructed support system, and a half-dozen men to mount the beast to the wall. The hard work paid off. “The home theater has become a neck-and-neck favorite with the whole-house music system,” Crown says. “When the music or plasma is playing, it changes the whole atmosphere of the house.” [Read more]

December 2009

Egear.com: 40 Gifts for the Family

This holiday season, thin is definitely in. For the audiophile on your list, Leon’s Horizon® 212-LCR-UT is designed to provide high-fidelity sound without sacrificing the sleek look of today’s ultra-thin flat panel displays. At only 1.5 inches deep and standing just 3.25 inches tall, this soundbar combines left, center, and right channels in one ultra-thin cabinet." [Read more]

December 2009

CEPro.com: Leon Speakers Adds New Reps and International Distributors

Leon Speakers has added five independent sales reps in the U.S. to accommodate its growing dealer base in the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Southeast, and Hawaii. In addition, the company has added two new distributors, one in Canada and one in the U.K., to meet the demand for Leon's new and enhanced solutions abroad." [Read more]

November 2009

CEPro.com How ISO 9001 Helps Integrators

"In the face of growth, especially in this economy, manufacturers have to work smarter, not harder. There is always room for improvement, and small CE manufacturers like Leon Speakers are fortunate to be able to implement improvements quickly. The ISO process allowed a company to step back and examine the flexibility of its business systems to meet all of its demands and then, ultimately, to focus attention on controls..." [Read more]

November 2009

Electronic House Home of the Month: Game On - Dealing with a 500lb TV

"One of the biggest plasma TVs on the planet, a 103-incher from Panasonic graces the home theater of Janet Crown and her three children...The front three speakers of the 7.2 surround-sound system are housed in a single cabinet that was custom designed by Leon Speakers to fit the width of the TV..." [Read more]

October 2009

Custom Retailer Horizon 212-UltraThin wins Excite Award

"The Horizon 212-UT is a high-fidelity multi-channel soundbar that matches the depth of the latest ultra-thin TVs. At only 1.5 inches deep, 3.25 inches tall, it is custom built to the exact width and finish of the TV and uses 2-inch aluminum-dome drivers and Morel MDT-12 cloth-dome tweeters for superior sound in the upper-frequency range..." [Read more]

September 2009

rAVe Education: Wanna Splurge? Leon Speakers Debuts a 1.5-inch Deep Soundbar at CEDIA

"You know all those TVs across campus in the dorm great rooms, cafeterias and other public spaces? We can all hear them, but we can never totally understand the audio coming from them. Why? The 2-watt built-in speakers is one reason, and the other is ambient noise. Leon Speakers, last week, announced that it has extended its Horizon Series with the addition of the new Horizon 212 Ultra-Thin Soundbar..." [Read more]

September 2009

E-Gear: 10 Must-Have Home Theater Products

"As the economy begins to stabilize a bit, people start looking to upgrade their homes and home theater systems. We’d like to help you out with what we believe are the 10 must-have home theater products you’ll need for your home theater enhancement. This incredibly stylish speaker series offers consumers a powerful speaker suited for audiophile-grade listening in small theater settings..." [Read more]

September 2009

CE Pro: 2009 Best Electronic Systems Technologies: On-Wall Speakers

"CE Pro congratulates this year's winners of the CE Pro BEST (Best Electronic Systems Technologies) Awards. The winners of the Inaugural BEST Awards were chosen by a panel of industry experts, integrators and the editors of CE Pro and Electronic House, to join an exclusive group of products deemed the most noteworthy for 2009. Criteria included: Creativity, Innovation, Incorporated equipment, Obstacles overcome, Aesthetics, Lifestyle benefits..." [Read more]

September 2009

Home Theater Magazine: The Biggest Damn Soundbar I've Ever Seen!

"Leon speakers are all about audio - audio for your video. The company custom builds speakers around video displays of all kinds, there is nothing off the shelf about any Leon system. On display at CEDIA was this whopping 140” wide Stewart CineCurve screen (that’s almost 12 feet wide for those of you keeping score at home!) with accustom built Leon speaker system tracing the screen..." [Read more]

September 2009

AV Revolution: Leon Speakers Partners with Stewart Filmscreen

"At CEDIA this past weekend, Leon Speakers unveiled their largest creation to date; the Horizon 616-OS loudspeaker. Featuring a trio of audio channels, the Ann Arbor, Michigan based company’s newest speaker measures a whopping 143” wide." [Read more]

August 2009

Luxury CE: Leon Unveils an Ultra-Thin Speaker

"We've seen ultra-thin flat panel TVs but few speakers that can say the same. Leon Speakers is matching the super-thin trend with a new Soundbar in its Horizon series that offers a cabinet depth of 1.5 inches. This incredibly compact speaker will be on display at the upcoming CEDIA Expo in Atlanta." [Read more]

August 2009

CE Pro: Leon’s Horizon Soundbar Aimed at Ultra-Thin TVs

"As TVs get thinner — and we’re sure to see some razor-thin TVs at CEDIA Expo 2009 — it raises the bar for soundbar manufacturers. Well, it actually narrows the bar. Leon Speakers, which earlier this year added a behemoth OS (over-sized) Soundbar fit for 100-plus-inch TVs, has launched a soundbar aimed at the latest ultra-thin TVs..." [Read more]

August 2009

Home Theater Design: You Want Thin?

"...As flat panel TV's get even thinner, speaker manufacturers are working overtime to supply soundbars, the latest speaker craze, that will unobtrusively sit underneath these newer sets, The latest entry is Leon Speakers with their Horizon 212, designed expressly for the newest ultra-thin TVs..." [Read more]

August 2009

CyberTheater.com Supermodel Thin Flat-Panel Speakers

"...I’ve seen some really tiny speakers before–but even I’ve never seen speakers look so shockingly THIN. These speakers come in a package that is, get this, just one and a half inches deep by three and a quarter inches high. They come in multiple configurations, so you can get left / right channel sound, or left / right / center channel sound to give you a leg up on a surround sound setup..." [Read more]

May 2009

Business Week Leon's Horizon - One Hulking Hi-Fi

"...I spent most of my time testing the speakers against Blu-ray high-definition movies, since the Horizon series is marketed more toward home theater rooms...I actually was surprised a couple of times that I noticed the separation of sound through the Dolby 5.1 and DTS system enough to make me glance around the room to pinpoint the source. It's the mark of pretty good speakers, since the goal is to convey soundstage depth in any size room. [Read more]

March 2009

ProAV Leon Customizes In-Wall Speakers

"Our commitment to custom design has been a great success for our on-wall speakers, such as the Profile and Horizon series, and we are pleased to bring this same approach to our new Vault line of in-wall speakers," said Noah Kaplan, president of Leon Speakers. [Read more]

February 2009

Luxury CE Leon Speakers Plaza Project

The fame of The Plaza Hotel in New York City is legendary in American history. It is seen in countless movies and has a rich history of being a top-rated luxury hotel. The chance to work in this palatial Manhattan icon would be a high profile project for any speaker company or dealer. Leon Speakers and Concierge Direct got just that opportunity, and it would prove to be better than either company could have hoped for. [Read more]

February 2009

Electronic House Leon Speakers Super-Sizes Its Horizon Soundbar

There are soundbars, and then there’s Leon Speakers’ new OS Soundbar. The OS stands for Over-Sized, and the folks at Leon must have been chuckling at least a little with such an understatement. This soundbar speaker is like a leaner version of the “2001: A Space Odyssey” monolith. [Read more]

December 2008

Sound & Vision Magazine Product Review: Leon Speakers - Certified and Recommended

"As I opened the shipping cartons, I thought to myself, 'These are no ordinary speakers.' That's because I'd been told that the Ann Arbor, MI based Leon Speakers corporation does something few others do: build to order, matching its front LCR soundbar speaker to the width of any flat-screen TV and completing the job in 3 to 5 days. But seeing, as they say, is believing....If you need speakers that provide a stylish, exact match to your screen, with custom finishes and a subwoofer that takes up little room, consider Leon. These little heavyweights are the real deal, and they deserve a good listen." [Read more]

October 2008

Custom Retailer Vendor View: Leon Speakers

Built-to-order manufacturing has woven its way into many different industries as a means to achieve flexibility in today’s consumer-centric environments. For Leon Speakers, manufacturers of on-wall and flat-panel audio, this has been an essential tool to compete in an ever-changing, rapidly expanding, consumer electronics industry. [Read more]

October 2008

Excite Awards! Profile 404-X-A

The Leon Profile 404-X-A, suited for small theater settings and two-channel audiophile listening rooms, is only 3 1/2 inches deep, to complement the new, thinner flat-panel TVs, and can be custom-built to match the exact height and finish of any display. It is available in a number of wood-veneered baffles and can be painted to match any interior color. [Read More]

October 2008

AVI LatinoAmerica El Disena Tambien Cuenta

This article, published in AVI LatinoAmerica, outlines the growth of the in-wall speaker segment and the infusion of high design into the audio world. Noah Kaplan, President of Leon Speakers, discusses how Leon Speakers fits these markets. [Read More]

September 2008

AV Rant Podcast #93 Fork Truck? A quick CEDIA decompression.

Leon speakers are heavy... (check it out...about 2 minutes in). [Listen] [Download mp3]

September 2008

Sound & Vision CEDIA Coverage Leon Speakers Profiles Your Design Tastes

Leon Speakers—the little company that could—you might now them as the guys who can customize your on-wall speaker to greatly complement that spiffy new flat-panel TV, whether it’s a speaker below the set or the front left and rights flanking it. Well, Leon has migrate to your floors too. The Michigan-based company showed off its Profile Series speakers last week at CEDIA Expo, and they’ll be tailor-made to fit your room (yes, they can still go on your walls, as well). [Read more]

September 2008

Sound & Vision CEDIA Coverage Runway Models (of Speakers)

Leon Speakers prez Noah Kaplan says the company "operates as a custom shop for our dealers." One neat idea he recently came up with is using automotive-style graphic wraps on his speakers. The model shown here is the 515 OS, an LCR-type speaker designed to fit under Panasonic's 103-inch plasma TV. Will Panasonic offer a matching graphic treatment on its TVs? We can only hope. [Read more]

September 2008

CE Pro CEDIA Coverage Integrator on the Scene

Leon Speakers is a boutique manufacturer that specializes in designs that complement on-wall flat panel televisions. A big part of their business is custom manufacturing speaker enclosures and finishes to specific requirements for truly custom installs. A major talking point for their booth was the LCR speaker they designed to complement Panasonic's 103-inch plasma television. The hip, trendy vinyl wrap finish is indicative of the kind of interior-designer pleasing work they can produce. [Read More]

September 2008

Residential Systems Magazine Behind the Business Q & A

...We are a true CI company - offering custom colors, dimensions, mounting options, drivers, whatever. These are not compromises. These are the solutions our customers are looking for. Whether it is the 125" wide Horizon speaker for a giant flat-panel display or a custom subwoofer...we've become the guys that will build speakers when no one else will. [Read more]

April 2008

Robb Report New & Noteworthy: Slim Possibilities

No one wants to accessorize a sleek new TV with a portly audio system. So as flat-panel TVs get thinner, speaker manufacturers struggle to trim inches from their products too. At least one contestant seems to have won this battle of the bulge: Leon Speakers’ 414-LCR-X-A. [Read more]

March 2008

Engadget HD Leon Speakers Intros Horizon 414-LCR-X-A On-Wall Loudspeaker

If the luxurious Seven Series was a bit too rich for your blood, Leon Speakers is offering up yet another option for tossing tunes up on your wall. The "ultra" high-fidelity Horizon 414-LCR-X-A is designed to fit nicely in "small theater settings where audiophile quality sound is still paramount," and as you can see, the left / center / right channels are combined into one cabinet. [Read more]

September 2007

Resi Award Winner! Hz414-LCR voted Best On-Wall Speaker

Residential Systems Selects 2007 Resi Awards Finalists "...This year's Resi finalists are impressive not only for their external style and elegance, but also for their focus on simplicity for the installers and end-user consumer," says Jeremy Glowacki, editorial director of Residential Systems. "These companies should take great pride in their investment in high-quality product designs." [Read more]

September 2007

Electronic House Speaker of the Year: Leon Horizon 414-LCR

If you’re looking for on-wall speakers to match your wall-mounted flat-panel TV, look to Leon’s Horizon. Custom decorator colors, exotic woods, silk-screening on grilles, and custom grille cloth colors are available. A depth of 4 inches and on-wall or flush-mount installation options make it a space saver. [Read more]

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